SureScreen Covid-19 Antigen (Ag) Test Kits (25 Kits per box)

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A Personal choice test by individuals wishing to know if they had contracted the virus

In use daily at:

St. Thomas NHS Trust London (who treated British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson for Covid-19 infection)
Kings College London,
Guy’s NHS Trust London,
Imperial College London

and throughout Europe

Visit our website here to view the following additional information.

  1. About SureScreen and their Covid-19 Rapid Test Cassette
  2. What is Coronavirus
  3. Accuracy of the test kits
  4. Technical and independent validations
  5. References
  6. Who should test
  7. Where can you get tested.
  8. Key Benefits
  9. Diagnostics
  10. How to preform a test
  11. SureScreen’s rapid serological testing for antibodies allows a quick solution for antibody testing
  12. Results in 15 minutes
  13. All components are European Manufactured and CE marked
  14. Direct front line support with SureScreen Diagnostics Ltd, a major advantage over imported devices from outside the EU
  15. ISO 13485 Standard, MDD-IVDD (EU 98/97 EC Directive)
  16. MHRA registered product, EU-27 compliant.
  17. Easy to use and read, with no specialist equipment required
  18. Significant time and cost saving over lab methods
  19. Screen individuals throughout the population as a personal choice, especially for travel


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Per Box of 25 Test Kits


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