Vale & Hills 12 Channel Bluetooth ECG (vhECG iCV200 (BT, & iPad Connect)

399.00 ex VAT

Please note that the purchase of this device is subject to a monthly subscription price plan, in addition to the initial price shown here.

Please contact us for further details.

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Profession Meets Fashion
It is more than an ECG machine

Everything you love about iPad, you get it in your cardiology world, retina display, gestures, wonderful animation…

It can be With You all the time
Your world is in your pocket

vhECG is the most elegant 12 lead ECG device, light weight and handy, you do your work anywhere and anytime.

vhEcg is available on app store for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. Download it from here or simply scan the barcode to the right, and you are good to go

You Miss Nothing
ECG waves are in real HD here

Thanks to the 3.1 million pixels and the anti-aliased algorithm, your iPad displays all the in great detail.


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