Murray’s Pharmacy

We have been supplied by Medasoft now for over a year and the service we receive from them is second to none. They are bringing to the market innovative products and solutions which our customers appreciate. For example, their iHealth CardioMed, All-in-One ABPM monitor offered in the pharmacy as a walk-in option is a world’s first bluetooth, cloud based, with the results emailed to the GP and patients immediately the test is completed. All operated from the supplied Apple iPad.

Newly introduced by them are IgM & IgG Antibody and Antigen testing for COVID-19 in under 15 mins, with kits manufactured solely in the EU by SureScreen, a leader in the field for testing kits, for over 25 years.

Another innovative device introduced by them to us during COVID-19 was their iHealth Non Touch infrared Thermometers and Contec Pulse Oximeters (SpO2)

All of the products from their range can be purchased in our shop.